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About the essays on Legal Education

I have written lots of pieces on legal education designed for law students and prospective law students. The best place to start might be "Legal Education as Training for Hierarchy" in David Kairys, ed., The Politics of Law (1982, 2nd ed. 1990, 3d ed. 1998). This is a chapter in an excellent book of critical essays about law, by many authors associated with the critical legal studies movement, designed for students. There is a link to my chapter in the "Bibliography" section of this website.

The New York University Press has published a reprint of the larger pamphlet from which I took the chapter, called "Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy." This edition reproduces the original form of the pamphlet, with an Introduction and Afterword by me, bringing the pamphlet somewhat up to date and telling the story of critical legal studies. There are also interesting commentaries by Paul Carrington, Peter Gabel, Angela Harris & Donna Maeda, and Janet Halley.

Of the pieces in this section, the short treatments of the educational experience in "The Political Significance of the Structure of the Law School Curriculum" and "A Conversation with Duncan Kennedy", by Gerard Clark, are probably the best.